Oh, I can not describe how excited I’m to write about two of my favourite superfoods  – powerful “multi-skilled” CHIA SEEDS and mighty GOJI BERRIES!

Yes, they are a bit on the expensive side but they will make such an impact on your health and GLOW; and will serve a nice treat being made as a weekend dessert or Sunday brekkie! Yep, the recipe is below for you to try!
But first, let’s get to the motivational part – the “science” behind those two darlings! I do not know about you but I am somewhat obsessed with learning about the nutrients and the benefits of the food I indulge in!
I guess it makes me be “good”, believe in what I eat and, of course, gives me confidence in the choices I make when it comes to nutrition and GLOW.
All right, where were we? Yes, chia! Oh ,this grain is SO good for you! Chia can restore your energy levels as well as reduce inflammation, and according to Dr. Oz  it can regulate your  blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. How great, isn’t it??
 Also, chia seeds are an awesome source of complete protein (all 18 amino-acids), fibre and Omega-3 and a fair amount of Omega-6 fatty acids (GOOD for us). They are also loaded with anti-oxidants, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and manganese, meaning absolutely GLOWingly great for your  bones, nails, hair, skin.
As mighty Goji go, those little berries possess SUPER powers which can slow down  anti-aging process, increase alkalinity and improve eye-sight. David Wolfe (a leading expert and researcher in the field of superfoods) has found that goji berries can contain up to 19 amino acids (= complete protein), and are also a GLOWing source of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A as well as iron.
Want to know more about the anti-oxidants and nutrients, we can get from powerful CHIA and Mighty GOJI? Check out the table below!
What does it do for our health?
Boost immune system, assist with vision, lower BAD cholesterol, protect our DNA from free radicals hence may prevent cancer, promote longevity
Promotes skin, teeth and bone health, assists with muscle contractions and nerve functioning, prevents osteoporosis; promotes healthy heart and blod clotting
Boost digestive process in the body, by regulating bowel movements; provides satiety, lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing BAD cholesterol; prevents bowel cancer
Aids blood cell formation, prevents anaemia and fatigue
Assists with fat metabolism, activates enzymes and necessary for brain function
Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty
raise GOOD cholesterol level; boost the immune system, memory, vision; regulate of blood pressure and body temperature; improves nervous system functions
Promotes the health of bones, teeth and nails
Vitamin A
Boosts immune system, improve vision, promotes normal growth in children, health of tissues lining mouth, nose and lungs, as well as healthy skin GLOW as it has anti-aging properties, too.
All righty! Now we have the knowledge and inspiration and really want to include those power boosting superfoods in our diet. Here is my new creation that I’d love you to try! It has two names as it can make a YUMMY Brekkie as well as Mouth-Watering Dessert!
This recipe is Super Easy to make, Extremely Delicious, Highly Nutritious and Absolutely Guilt-Free! Just click here  to find your Porridge with Super Powers /  Super GLOW Chia Pudding Recipe! Yumm!
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