The holiday season is almost here and while there is a lot of excitement about getting together with the loved ones, having some time off and enjoying ourselves, our stress levels rise, the obligations toward our families and friends get their hold on us and the sense of guilt mixed with a feeling that we are not good enough sets in.

This happens as we put ourselves last and that is not right!

If we focus on our own wellbeing, self-care and happiness during this festive season, which by the way does not take much effort, we will be able to be of so much better and special service to our loved ones! To make others happy, we have to be happy and healthy first.

These 7 simple steps will help you get in tune with your inner beautiful self, develop self-love and appreciation, and have a beautiful holiday season!

1)     Develop a self-care routine

The more you love and nurture yourself, the more you will be open to your special ones. So if you have a hidden sense of guilt when it comes to self-care, just drop it and focus on identifying what makes you feel calm, happy and nurtured. Allow yourself those precious 5-10 minutes and try some of the ideas below:

  •          Deep conscious breathing
  •          Positive holiday affirmations
  •          Oil self-massage
  •          Long warm bath
  •          Meditation
  •          Inspirational reading

2) Drink  6-8 glasses of water

Staying hydrated is a must to keep your skin healthy and control the appetite; it will give you more energy as well as support cleansing and digestive processes in the body.

3)      Exercise

Choose a form of exercise you truly respond to. There is no holiday fun in pushing yourself to run half a marathon when a thought of running elevates your stress levels.

Try yoga instead, go for a walk in the nature, dance to your favourite songs, jump on a trampoline, just do what you love!

4)     Eat mindfully

  •          Choose clean food. Have a piece of fruit to start your day and include your favourite super foods and plenty of vegetables on your lunch and dinner plates.
  •          Before you eat, ask yourself how this particular meal is good for you. And if the answer is negative, choose an alternative.
  •          Connect with your senses and eat until you are satisfied to avoid overeating.
  •          And yes, it is also ok to be a little naughty over the holiday season and have your favourite treats – no shame in that! Just choose a smaller portion and really enjoy and savour your special treat!

5)     Cultivate gratitude

This simple gratitude exercise could be done before you go to bed or as a seated or walking meditation.

Think of 10 people, things, highlights of your day, your own attributes and accomplishments that you appreciate. Inhale and repeat to yourself – I am grateful for…, exhale – name that person, object or something positive and admirable about you that you are thankful for having in your life. Continue for 10 breaths.

6)      Surround yourself with the people who truly love you and bring the best out of you.

7)     Sleep

Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep during the holiday season. Good night rest is essential for the healthy functions of your nervous, immune and cardiovascular system, it helps restore your body, metabolise the nutrients and improve your mood.

Try those simple steps and have a healthy happy nurturing holiday season! healthyholidayeating-R

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