This two-hour hip-targeting workshop will guide you through static and dynamic sequences together with myofascial release exercises that will help you release tension and increase flexibility in your hips, as well as create stability in the pelvis and the hips, hydrating their tissues and enhancing the range of movement in these areas.
The workshop will also focus on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic benefits of the hip-opening postures, along with creating the sense of lightness in your body, enhancing digestion, quieting the mind and releasing stagnation, stress and tension stored in your body.

About Mascha
Mascha is a published holistic wellness and yoga writer and Level II Certified Yoga Teacher with extensive hours of formal training in Yoga, Myofascial Release and Meditation.
She interweaves the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Research into her teachings.

COST: $35 members / $45 non-members / $25 students
Bookings essential: info@hby.com.au to secure your place!

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About Mascha Coetzee

Inquisitive Yogi, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Health Junkie, Seeker, Dreamer, Blogger, Animal Lover, Linguist & Ayurveda, Nutrition & Yoga Student for Life